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Algona Public Access Channel

Public access television is one of the most exciting U.S. media developments. In the 1970s, cable systems began to offer access channels to the public, so groups and individuals could make programs to reach their communities.  Public access programming gives you the opportunity to write, produce, direct and perform in your own programs. Unlike broadcast television, the content is controlled by the person producing the program. The only limitation is the program must meet the rules and regulations of public access and certain FCC rules, and it must be non-profit.

Local fees, provided by Algona Municipal Utilities and other local cable companies, fund the Algona Public Access Program. Public access programming is broadcast from the studios located at the Algona Community High School. Customers of AMU Cable TV may watch Public Access Programming on Dynamic TV Channel 918. 

AMU cannot control the programming on the Public Access Channel. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, it is unconstitutional. 

Programming on the Public Access Channel is made up of three areas: 

Public programming is the production of videos by individuals as well as community groups. Many programs focus on community events, celebrations,and church services.

Educational Access Programming centers on notifying the community of upcoming events and activities or programs that focus on learning.

Government Access provides information on local government meetings, activities, and community programs.

Click here to see Algona Public Access Programming Schedule.

For more information on Algona Public Access Programming, contact Bryan Nelson, Public Access Coordinator, at the Algona High School (515) 295-7207