AMU - Cable TV

Dynamic TV FAQs

Q. What is Dynamic TV?

A.  Dynamic TV is a new TV service offered by AMU that will replace the traditional cable TV service AMU now provides. Dynamic TV is delivered through Internet instead of delivered through AMU's Traditional Cable TV format. All Dynamic TV equipment is new offering many great new features.

Q.  Do I need a set-top box to receive Dynamic TV?

A. Yes, all your TVs will require a set-top box. The first set-top box is included in the monthly price, while additional boxes are available at $5.00 per box, per month. You will receive many great benefits with set-top boxes on all TVs, such as an Interactive TV Guide and the capability of Restart TV.

Q. Do I need to subscribe to AMU High Speed Internet to receive Dynamic TV?

A.  No. Dynamic TV is available to customers with or without AMU High Speed Internet service.

Q. Will Dynamic TV affect my AMU High Speed Internet service?

A. No, Dynamic TV uses its own Dedicated Path for Cable and will not affect your Internet Speed.

Q. Does Dynamic TV offer HD programming?

A.  Yes. Most networks on Dynamic TV are in HD at no additional charge.

Q. Will Dynamic TV channel line-up be the same as AMU's traditional cable TV line-up?

A.  No. It's even better. AMU is partnering with NICP (North Iowa Communications Partners) and the Dynamic TV line-up is predetermined by the NICP group. We offer the same networks on different channels, plus more new networks. 

Q. What is Whole Home DVR?

A. Whole Home DVR allows you to record a program through Dynamic TV in one room with the ability to watch the program on another TV connected to Dyamic TV. Whole Home DVR gives you the power to pause, rewind, watch in slow motion while watching live TV. Dynamic TV allows you to record up to six channels at the same time. If a recording is accidently deleted, you have up to 72 hours following the deletion to recover the recording. Whole Home DVR is an added feature to Dynamic TV for an additional monthly cost. Please see AMU's Dynamic TV brochure for additional information.

Q. What is Restart TV?

A. Restart TV gives Dynamic TV customers the ability to restart the show to its beginning after it has already  started. If a Dynamic TV customer sees a green dot next to a program on the Interactive guide, then the customer can push the green button on the remote control to restart that program from the beginning.  

Q. If I am an AMU Telephone customer, can I receive Calling Features on Dynamic TV?

A.  Yes, AMU Telephone customers can receive Caller ID and Voice Mail on their TV sets through Dynamic TV if the AMU Telephone customers subscribe to these calling features.

Q. Is Watch TV Everywhere still available through Dynamic TV?
Yes, but current AMU customers with Watch TV Everywhere service will have to reregister for the service when they switch to Dynamic TV.